The Surprise Weekend & The Return?

As you’ve most probably surmised from the glut of photos posted here on the past weekend, two things have happened.

1) I flew 2500km across the country to surprise my Mum at her surprise 50th.

2) I guess I’m blogging again.


Now to address those two points!

1) Mum had absolutely NO IDEA that I was coming.  When she finally saw me at the party, her expression was priceless.  It’s been 12 months since I was home last.  That time it was for 3 weeks; this time for 3 days.  My family (brother, sister & father) had been conspiring with friends for weeks about the party.  It was getting to the point that meetings were being held to ensure all the lies were kept straight.  And having to lie to mum was doing dad’s head in.  (It’s nice to know that your parents are incapable of lying to each other).  I’m fairly certain all was forgiven 🙂

2) I’ve been contemplating returning to the blogging world for a while now.  As I’m studying at the moment, I’m still concerned that I’ll use it as a tool to procrastinate, but I guess that will happen even if I don’t resurrect my blog.  My old blog is still over at albeit hugely neglected.

I’m not sure what shape this blog will take, or even if it will stay here on posterous or end up over on tumblr (it’s very pretty over there!).  But for now, it is what it is!

So, if you happen to happen by and read this, please say hi…..


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