In 57 Days, I embark on the biggest adventure of my life (to date).

I’ll be jumping on a massive jumbo-jet, and heading off to the UK for a month.

A month on my own.

Well technically, 2 weeks on my own and 2 weeks with some of the best friends in the WORLD.

I’ll be going to London, Norwich, Belfast (and surrounds), Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, and then back home via Paris and Dubai.

To say I’m excited is the biggest understatement ever made ever.

I’m ridiculously excited about the stop in Cardiff. That is my self-declared “Nerd Pit-Stop”. The home of three of my favourite UK tv shows – Doctor Who, Gavin & Stacey, and Merlin.  To be honest, I’d even forgotten that Doctor Who & Merlin were filmed there – I was all about getting to Barry Island so I could find out what’s occurin’ all for myself 🙂

However, the only downer about the whole trip is that the Doctor Who Experience is being held a full month before I arrive. Some people have no consideration 🙂

As one of my friends kindly said to me the other day: “Paula, just when I get used to your nerdiness, you go and get nerdier.” (Thanks, Bel.)

The next 57 days are going to be the longest (and shortest!) 57 days in history.


One thought on “57

  1. bryan thompson

    Oh my! I hope I am here when you come, Paula! When will you be in "Belfast and surrounds"? (I presume chez Goodwin?). I will be out of the country a lot during those weeks. Keep us posted on the Irish leg (by Twitter or here) anyway, so we can maybe meet up (at Goodwin’s or out chez my family in the Armagh countryside). Would love that.


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