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All things Christmas music.

Well kind of.

This time of year, everyone’s usually pumping out the Christmas tunes as though they have an expiry date.

I’m not a massive fan of seasonal music.  Once upon a time I was, but I think I had the joy of Christmas music sucked out of me while working in retail.  When it starts to appear on October 1st.  And it’s most often not even GOOD Christmas music.

Yes, there is such a thing as GOOD Christmas music.  And now we come to the point of my breaking my streak of not blogging.  I want to share GOOD Christmas music with everyone!

Without further ado, here is an incomplete (because I can’t remember the name of a couple of the albums – will update when I remember!) list of GOOD Christmas music.

EDIT – A few friends have asked for more recommendations, so I’ve added some extra albums with download links at the bottom of the page!


Dave Barnes – Very Merry Christmas

(AUS iTunes link – I believe it may be on sale currently on Amazon?)

I LOVE this album.  It was released in Nov 2010 and spent nearly all of 2011 in rotation on my iPod.

While I’m mentioning Dave, this video was my introduction to the world of everything Dave Barnes. It’s also the reason that every Christmas, a friend sends me a photo of some orange juice. Watch the video – you’ll understand.


Riki Michele – Come Let Us Adore Him.

This is a beautiful album that I discovered during my time in Christian retail.  One or two tracks from this album had made it onto the in-store playlist, and they caught my ear every time they appeared.

This album is available as a free download (with a donation if you wish) at Noisetrade.


Jukebox Logic – Let it Snow

This album was a Noisetrade discovery.

Beautiful, acapella arrangements of your favourite Christmas songs.


Keith L. Cooper – A Guitar’s Carol

(This was one of the albums I couldn’t remember).

Keith was a member of Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, and released this solo, instrumental album in 2007.

I’m sure he has at least 10 extra fingers.

His arrangement of …well….ALL of the songs are just amazing.


Bucko & Champs – An Aussie Christmas (Volumes 1 & 2)

(AUS iTunes link)

My family is extremely eclectic when it comes to taste in music.  We also have a very strange sense of humour.

This is where THIS album comes into it.

If you’re not Australian, you may not even understand some of these songs.

The songs on this album range from fun songs about Santa moving to the South Pole, a Santa who sells electronic goods “off the back of a truck”, and “dole-bludging” elves, to quite beautiful songs about the significance of the season, spending time with family, and keeping Christ at the centre of it all.


Relient K – Let it Snow Baby….Let it Reindeer

Following in my “fun” Christmas albums is this collection from Relient K.

I first came across this album when it was an EP that was released with (I think!) “Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right…..but Three Do”.  Needless to say, when the album proper came out, I grabbed my copy.

My family goes a little crazy at Christmas time, and this album, along with Aussie Christmas, is the perfect soundtrack for our seasonal insanity.

This album also contains one of my absolute favourite modern Christmas songs – I Celebrate the Day.


Here are a few additional albums! Mostly from Noisetrade, so they’re free to grab (or with a donation if you wish)

FUTURE OF FORESTRY – Advent Vol 1 & 2 ($9au Digital Download)
I’ve been a fan of FoF for a while now, and I FINALLY managed to grab their Advent albums.  Beautiful, reverent. 

BEN RECTOR – Jingles and Bells
I love anything Ben does. Fun, piano-driven.

ANDREW RIPP – Light of Mine (EP)
I’ve been listening to more and more of Andrew Ripp.  Lovely. Slightly folky. 

Exactly what it says on the box. A free, 21-track album with songs from artists including Sufjan Stevens, Sleeping at Last, Leigh Nash etc.

SUFJAN STEVENS – Silver & Gold Holiday Sampler
Sufjan also has “Songs for Christmas” – Mr Google can help you there 🙂

More Christmas from Noisetrade:
I haven’t listened to any of these, so try them out and let me know!

ZERBIN – Oh Hey It’s Christmas!
BLOOD:WATER Mission – Give Joy on Christmas
BETA RADIO – The Songs the Season Brings Vol2
WAYFARER – The Holly and The Ivy
MERRY CHRISTMAS, GOOD NIGHT – Merry Christmas, Good Night
MERRY CHRISTMAS, GOOD NIGHT – Merry Christmas, Good Night 2
SLEEPING AT LAST – Christmas Collection 2
OVER THE RHINE – Snow Angels
BRANCHES – Songs for Christmas
FOLK ANGEL – Christmas Songs
TIM HALPERIN – Christmas Sampler
ROSIE THOMAS – A Very Rosie Christmas

There’s plenty more, but that should be enough to keep you all going!