a light at the end of the tunnel – another #OneWord365 post



As is the point with #OneWord365, I’ve been thinking on the word I chose – HOPE – and what it means to live with hope.

I’m reading “Let Hope In” at the moment, and I’m also taking my small group through the small group curriculum for the book.  To be honest, I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from reading the book at the moment – my head is full of everything I need to remember for the easter production, and reading is hard enough even when I’m not distracted!  But the small group study has been VERY good so far.

Anyway, back to what I was saying before.

I’ve been thinking about what it means to live with hope, and I was finding that hard to grasp. So I flipped it, and thought about what it means to live without hope.

The image that immediately came to mind was one of walking through a dark tunnel.  You know you’re making progress, but you cannot see where you’re going.  Without hope, there is no light at the tunnel by which to gauge progress.  You’re just trusting that by placing one foot in front of the other that you’re going to eventually going to get….somewhere.

That image pretty sums me up for the past 2 years.  I know that God has good things planned for me. I know that all the “just keep going” (etc) comments are well meant…but when you’re walking in what feels like directionless circles, it’s very easy to become disheartened.

A year ago, the organisation I work for launched a new vision complete with a new name.  The tag-line (for lack of a better expression) to our name reads: “Freedom and Hope”.  That is what we do. We help people to journey into a life of freedom and hope. Perhaps that’s where my “hope” seed was first planted.  Perhaps.  Who really knows?

At the start of 2014, I made a conscious decision to LIVE a life filled with hope – and to find out what “a life filled with hope” looks like for me.  As I started to choose hope daily, something happened.  The darkness that I had found myself in became not so dark.  I started to see the progress I was making as I kept walking.  A light appeared at the end of the tunnel (ugh…..I hate cliche’s but this one just fits too well…!).

As always, every day is different.  Sometimes it’s harder to choose hope on a Monday morning than it is on a Friday morning.  But a day with hope in your heart is always better than a day without.

To be continued…..



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