deep breath…

Last night I attend the Doctor Who World Tour at the amazing State Theatre in Sydney.

There were approximately 2000 very enthusiastic Whovians in attendance, fezzes and sonics everywhere!

(If someone was to ask me what a gathering of Whovians sounds like, it would be the buzz of a sonic, hands down).

The Q&A wasn’t live-streamed last night (to the frustration of some), but that was because the order of the night had been changed so that the Q&A was held after the viewing of Episode 1: Deep Breath.  To me that made perfect sense as it allowed discussion of the episode we’d all just watched.

And that’s about all I can say, because SPOILERS, SWEETIE 😉

One more thing – Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman were LOVELY.

And another thing – I’m 100% on board with Peter’s Doctor. It’s gonna be different, and it’s gonna be fantastic 🙂

(This post was originally posted over on my tumblrPhoto 12-08-2014 6 13 23 pm Photo 12-08-2014 6 35 44 pm Photo 12-08-2014 6 36 45 pm  Photo 12-08-2014 6 42 04 pmPhoto 12-08-2014 7 02 05 pmPhoto 12-08-2014 7 02 10 pmPhoto 12-08-2014 7 05 13 pmPhoto 12-08-2014 7 32 26 pm   )


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