an update that’s not really one.

Lately I’ve been vaguebooking over on FB.  Not a lot (probably 3 status updates?) but substantially more than I’ve ever vaguebooked before.

There’s a good reason for this.  Massive changes are happening behind the scenes, and I don’t want to make anything public until I have a few more things confirmed – the “ducks in a row” that I’ve mentioned a few times.

To say more without really saying much (hey! perhaps I should go into politics!) I’ve been questioning the direction my life is/was taking, and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t particularly happy with what was going on.   And then an opportunity presented itself that essentially made me choose between continuing with life as it was going, or to make a drastic change.

For those who know me “in real life”, you are most probably aware of what is going on – I’ve told most people who are close to me.  I guess another reason I’m hesitant to post anything online is because it makes things even MORE real and that’s…..well, I’m just gonna hold off for those ducks to line up.  Well until their gathering resembles more of a line than what it does at the moment.

At the start of 2015, I wrote about how my #OneWord365 for 2015 (in addition to HOPE) was: BRAVE (do more things that scare you).

Let’s just say for now, I had NO IDEA how relevant my OneWord was going to be.



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