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Jayden Tate Bartsch. 19 December, 2011.

My friend Tarlia was expecting to give birth to her second son this year.

However, Jayden died on December 19, at 19 weeks gestation.


In Australia, if a baby dies after 12 weeks gestation, the mother is either induced, or a caesarian section is performed to deliver the baby.  BUT, it’s not until 20 weeks gestation (or if the baby weighs over 400g) that the baby is eligible for a birth (and death) certificate.

What that means, is that even though my friend gave birth to Jayden, there is no birth certificate to say he existed. Even though there was an autopsy, there is no death certificate to say he died.

As you can imagine, to a grieving parent, this is a double blow.


Tarlia has never been one to take things lying down.  She has since spoken with the Attorney-General’s office and has met with Members of Parliament – specifically Family First member Robert Brokenshire.  As a result, a Bill is being submitted to Parliament called “Jayden’s Bill”.

According to the front page of today’s Advertiser, “Jayden’s Bill” (among other things) is asking for recognition of all stillborn babies after 12 weeks’ gestation. This recognition gives parents the option to register the birth and death and recieve birth and death certificates.


If you live in South Australia, can you please contact your local MP and encourage them to support this Bill? 

It may seem like such a small change in legislation, but to grieving parents, this could mean everything.



UPDATE (25.01.12):


A Facebook group has now been established to aid awareness and also assist with collection of signatures for the petition to be submitted with the bill. If you are from South Australia, I would love to encourage you to do all you can to gather signatures in support of this Bill. Please join the group here:

Support Jayden’s Law for early stillborn babies


Tarlia’s campain is gaining momentum and has been featured again in the Advertiser and also in the Port Lincoln Times: